PRECAST ICF panels provide an ideal interior wall solution, offering structural stability, superior sound ratings, with considerable time savings.

Elevator Shafts, Stairwell Walls, Shear Walls and Profile Walls

  • PRECAST ICF significantly reduces daily site preparation and floor loading times.

Steel and conventional ICF builders often use cinderblocks to build elevator shafts. While cinder blocks are inexpensive, installation/labour costs offset any savings. Elevator shafts made from ICF require both stripping and parging to prepare for elevator equipment.

When not using ICF, consider the noise that transfers between units, hallways, stairwells and especially elevator shafts. PRECAST ICF panels transfer significantly less noise than other popular options. For example, when constructing an elevator shaft using PRECAST ICF, the concrete surface faces inward (towards elevator) and the EPS facing outward. Thus a bedroom can be placed against an elevator wall with minimal noise transferring through the wall.

Thus PRECAST ICF panels work as an ideal solution for elevator shafts in building projects already using ICF or conventional precast.

Shear Walls

  • PRECAST ICF panels easily accommodate shear wall engineering specifications.

Profile Walls

  • Decorating interior walls with concrete is a low maintenance and attractive way (subtle or brilliant effects) to spruce up a lobby and hallways. The only limitation is your designer’s imagination.
  • Drywall ties are embedded in our panels allow for easy installation, as if attaching to a wood or aluminum stud. This is a standard feature provided for no additional cost.