PRECAST ICF panels have proven to be exceptionally energy efficient for both heating and cooling in buildings. Our EPS sheets line one side of each panel making them ideally suited for interior or exterior walls. The concept derived from utilizing the advantages of both precast (concrete-insulation-concrete) and ICF (insulation-concrete-insulation), while addressing improvements to the manufacturing process.

EPS slabs comply with US and Canadian national building codes.

Thermal Insulation Properties

  • ASTM C-578
  • CAN/ULC S-701

Sound Transmission Class (STC)

  • ASTM E90

Fire Safety

  • Plastic Ties: ASTM D-1929, ASTM D-635, & ASTM D-2843
  • Rating: ASTM E119, CAN/ULC S101
  • Foam Plastics Characteristics: ASTM E84 & CAN/ULC S102.2

Plastics Tie Strength

  • Fastener withdrawal/Lateral (Shear) Resistance, ASTM D-1761
  • Fastener Tensile ASTM D-638