Stamping concrete is cost effective and visually stimulating.

When panels are poured, the same amount of concrete is utilized for a panel being stamped compared to a standard flat faced panel. Further, consider the costs associated with hiring a crew to brick or apply siding to a multi-storey building with the costs of stamping wet concrete. It is hard to consider any other option with such significant savings from stamping.

For developers, the appeal of stamping concrete extends beyond being cost effective. High-end materials such as granite, limestone, sandstone, slate and coral are just a few options which can be replicated to high quality finishes. Various brick styles and patterns are also available, allowing for a diverse number of tastes and styles.

Stamped Concrete vs Other Materials

Stamped concrete offers many unique abilities that other materials simply cannot compete against.

Stone Pavers Stamped Concrete
Colour and Pattern Options Minimal Few Unlimited
Longevity and Performance Good Good Excellent
Production Speed Slow Slow Fast
Ability to Customize No No Yes
Cost Very High Moderate-High Low