Custom Artwork

It is important for buildings to convey the nature that resides within. Various designs can also accomplish a combination of positive attributes. Fortunately with PRECAST ICF, many distinct styles can be accomplished at a fraction of their foreseen cost.

Designing a building with grand atriums may be beautiful in some cases; it is not always practical or financially available. That said, one option that is very cost effective and practical is incorporating a company logo, building name or street address into the finish. Consider stamping a detailed, colour logo to the front of a panel or two which will be prominently visible on the building. In many cases this opportunity is far more cost effective than less attractive traditional metal or plastic signs which would be mounted to the structure.

Rarely seen in the construction industry is a combined style of part stamped concrete, part exposed aggregate. This gives a truly unique appearance.

Image Integration

For institutional buildings, consider the purpose of the building and integrate related images into the stamping process.

  • Student residence decorated with bright colours, attractive art, notebooks and laptops
  • Library decorated with book spines, open books or even literary phrases
  • Museum with dinosaur fossils embedded into the walls as if extracted from a archeologist’s dig site
  • Software company with binary code stamped into each panel
  • Manufacturing plant with the product being made

The possibilities are endless and can act as a tasteful billboard for interests, values and even character of those inside.