Coloured Concrete

Colouring concrete is one of the most cost effective ways to enhance a building’s look.

Adding pigment to concrete, natural or bold, can add deep character to an otherwise simple design.

PRECAST ICF offers a pallet of colours which gives a range of effects, especially when multiple colours are used at once.

The colouring process is further enhance when combined with other finishing techniques, such as stamping, exposed aggregate and/or customized designs.

  • When stamping, colouring can replicate the look of stone, brick, tile, wood, as well as many other materials.
  • Combine colouring with exposed aggregate to add personality to the finish.
  • Customization, not just in colour, but to artwork is a great way to draw attention to a building.

Another advantage is utilizing multiple colours across different concrete panels. More and more architects are requesting different colours to break up larger sections.