A building’s exterior offers the first impression of the quality inside. A finish makes a statement about a company’s professionalism to attract clients or tenants.

For corporations looking to make their own mark, a diverse range of finishing techniques can be applied, either currently very costly or otherwise unavailable. Likewise, when seeking tenants for commercial or residential buildings, it is important that the building reflects their values. Many tenants will chose an attractive exterior building over another due to the statement it makes about one’s image. This is true about individuals and businesses alike.

The following list presents available options for cost efficient finishes:

  • Basic Concrete, as simple as it gets. Grey concrete, easy to apply brick, stucco or leave naturally.
  • Coloured Concrete is a very simple and cost effective approach to dressing a building. There is a wide range of concrete colours available, virtually any colour is a possibility, including combinations.
  • Exposed Aggregate offers a rich textured wall, rather than a flat bare wall, for a unique look and feel.
  • Stamping Concrete is another very popular method for providing texture to concrete. The approach is widely used on driveways and other horizontal surfaces. With PRECAST ICF, this approach looks stunning when placed vertically.
  • Custom Artwork is easily applied to concrete. Brand logos and company names are easily coloured and cast into the panels, at a fraction of the cost of their plastic, metal or stone counter parts