About Us

A PRECAST ICF panel is a fast, finished (concrete), complete (insulated) building system, allowing time and resources to be utilized most efficiently. In simplest terms, each panel contains expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam fitted to steel reinforced concrete with an attractive exterior face.

There are many advantages to PRECAST ICF panels, the most notable are speed and cost savings. Others include:

  • Fast & Easy Installation (6 panels/hour)
  • No Building Height Limitations
  • Precast Window & Door Frames
  • Perfect Rainscreen
  • Full Vapour Barrier
  • Full Fire Separation Between Units
  • Finished Interior & Exterior Walls
  • R Value (insulation rating) Exceeding OBC Requirements
  • Energy Efficient Thermal Mass Panel
  • STC (Sound Transmission Class) Exceeding OBC Requirements
  • LEED Credit Applicable
  • Green – Environmentally Friendly Materials
  • Patented


Tight deadlines are achieved with ease using PRECAST ICF panels. Each panel is delivered completely insulated, with a finished exterior. Since all panels are prepared in our factory, there are no environmental factors, such as rain delays or cold weather, effecting production time. Placement of lifting brackets and joint connections add to time savings. To further help scheduling, panels can be prepared many months in advance, such as during winter, ready to be lifted into place for early spring, summer or fall. The unique ability to be cast before or during site preparation, excavation and demolition makes it easy to choose PRECAST ICF.


The value extends beyond initial construction time. Our steel reinforced panels are significantly less weight than other steel and concrete techniques without reducing structural integrity. Research tests have demonstrated its resilience to natural hazards such as earthquakes and hurricanes; thus ideal for a variety of environments.


Maximizing materials and minimizing labor is a core benefit of using PRECAST ICF panels. Time and costs are reduced with its ability to precast window frames into panels. Rather than installing and finishing frames on the construction site, our windows arrive with everything except glass. Window glass is slid into each frame after the panel is secured.