PRECAST ICF addresses the construction industry’s toughest challenges: speed, cost and reliability. The following information is aimed at developers seeking to increase their wealth of quality buildings, while reducing time restraints and overall costs.


A building’s exterior offers the first impression of the quality inside. A finish makes a statement about a company’s professionalism to attract clients or tenants.

PRECAST ICF panels provide an ideal interior wall solution, offering structural stability, superior sound ratings, with considerable time savings, while also being attractive.

PRECAST ICF panels have proven to be exceptionally energy efficient for both heating and cooling in buildings. Our EPS sheets suited for interior or exterior walls.

Colouring concrete is the most cost effective ways to enhance a building’s look. Adding pigment to concrete, natural or bold, can add deep character to an otherwise simple design.

Giving a building its look is an important part of the design process. Is it supposed to blend in with its environment and other local buildings, or should it stand in stark contrast?

It is important for buildings to convey the nature that resides within. PRECAST ICF, many distinct styles can be accomplished at a fraction of their foreseen cost.


Factory prepared panels ensure highest quality controls and deadlines always met. Forget about costly environmental delays!

Achieve significant cost savings by installing pre-dressed/decorated panels. No brick layers or stucco contractors!

Factory certified steel reinforced concrete and insulated panels, complete with window/door frames, ready to lift into place.

Need a faster solution for elevator shafts? Use our panels with other methods (ie ICF, Precast).

Factory fabrication ensures the highest quality control. Thus making a more reliable and stable steel reinforced concrete.

How much did your last builder inflate project costs to account for wasted materials & time? Most developers can’t identify the true cost of waste.